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Our practice is devoted to all matters of family law. Experience, skill, and knowledge are the foundations of an effective law practice. We have all of those and more. Amaya & Associates was established with the purpose of bringing law closer to the people, providing them with quality, affordable representation. Our family law lawyers have over 30+ YEARS of combined experience and have been continuously working as a team to help countless clients handle family disputes, divorce, custody issues, and more. Consult with Chico Family Law Attorney, Maria Amaya to discuss your legal options and solutions to your situation.  Make the right choice and become one of our satisfied clients.

  • Successfully protecting families

    Family Law Group attorneys fight vigorously to protect what is most important to you. Not all divorces end as traumatic experiences, but unfortunately the majority do.  It is during this vulnerable time that you need the expertise and guidance of highly experienced and compassionate family law attorneys by your side.  We will protect you and your children.

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    We consistently win cases and negotiate settlements favorable to our clients.  Whether it is an issue of child custody dispute, division of assets, spousal support or visitation rights, our lawyers will defend your rights.

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    The majority of individuals we represent are referred by other satisfied clients that we have helped over the years. There is no greater reward for us than seeing our clients overcome their legal situations and lead successful lives.

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    Our family law attorneys are caring and committed to find the best solutions for your legal matters.  We are expert litigators and negotiators with a reputation of winning cases. Other lawyers consistently recommend clients to our Firm.

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    We understand this is a difficult time for you and we want to help in the best way we can.  We work specifically with each client to arrange a suitable fee agreement.  You deserve the best legal representation.

Chico Family Law Attorney

All of Your Family Law Needs Met in One Practice

Dealing with family issues is difficult enough without having to shop for a knowledgeable attorney.  Chico Family Law Attorney, Maria Amaya is a compassionate family law lawyer dedicated to families and children.

What is Family Law?

Family law is a specialized field that encompasses all types of legal matters that occur within a family. These may include:

A general attorney can offer advice on matters of family law, but it is in your best interest to choose a law office that specializes. We are aware of all of the minute details of every field of family law. Any changes particular to family law, new precedents, and our experience with similar cases can give you the edge that you need to achieve the most desirable, advantageous, and timely outcome.



Prior to moving forward with any attorney-client relationship, we make sure that you are 100% at ease and confident with what we have to offer. This is our reason for offering an initial free telephone consultation. We will discuss your position and how we can help.If you decide to engage our services, we promptly schedule a time for you to come in and talk with our Chico Family Attorneys. During that initial consultation, we take the time to get to know you, find out why you are seeking legal assistance, and discuss what steps we can take and begin to create a plan to resolve the problems. We also assign not one, but two lawyers to your case, as we believe working in teams is the key to success. Our clients are amazed at our level of commitment and the immediacy with which we begin to work on their cases. Each Chico family law attorney at our law firm understands this is a difficult time and want to help you.

Chico Divorce Attorney

Our divorce lawyers are retained for representation because of their intimate knowledge of all aspects of divorce. Divorce is not simply the dissolution of a marriage. There are myriad complicating factors, all dependent on each individual relationship.

In some cases, the division of community property is the most important consideration. A Chico divorce attorney from our firm can help you determine what property is yours, your spouse’s, and what can definitively be proven to be community property. We know what qualifies as an exception and what must be included. Once identified, our advice for division of the community property will ensure that you receive your fair share.

If children are involved, there are matters of child support, custody – joint or sole custody, visitation rights, and your rights in the daily well being of your child if you do not have primary physical custody. There can also be issues that arise if the parent with physical custody of the child decides to move to an area that complicates visitation with the other parent. One of our skilled child custody attorneys can help you deal with all of these issues and more.


Some couples choose mediation rather than go through the more adversarial and daunting task of divorce court. Even though mediation is not an antagonistic proceeding, you need to have a lawyer to ensure that your rights are not violated, deadlines are not missed that could leave you in a legal bind, and to file and follow-up on paperwork required by the court. Couples who do not retain legal representation during mediation and simply rely on a court-appointed mediator, may find themselves dealing with difficult situations that arise after the mediation has concluded. Without a lawyer to ensure that all of the issues have been dealt with, later problems may be more confrontational and difficult to resolve.

Why Choose Our Law Firm?

We understand the issues you are facing. We recognize that these events are life-changing. We know that avoiding litigation and seeking settlement is preferable to a court battle. We want to make sure that your rights are represented, regardless of the type of assistance that you require. We know that we are the best family law attorneys in Butte County. We know that we can provide the superior representation that you deserve.

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